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Giorgio Grisales

Product No. 1440001

Description: Giorgio Grisales, Cremona 2016 copy of Ferdinando Garimberti, Milan 1969

Body Length: 355mm

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Stefano Trabucchi

Product No. 1440002

Description: Stefano Trabucchi, Cremona 2016

Body Length: 354mm

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Product No. 1440007

Description: JTL for Leon Bernandel, Mirecourt 1928 w/ Certificate of Authenticity from Hughes Paumier

Body Length: 357mm

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David Goad Workshop

Product No. 1440008

Description: David Goad, Seattle 2016

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Franz Hell

Product No. 1440009

Description: Germany, c. 1920 bearing the label of Franz Hell, Elmshorn 1893

Body Length: 356mm

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Product No. 1340001

Description: Mittenwald, bearing the label of F & R Enders, 1897

Body Length: 335mm (3/4)

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J Granjon

Product No. 1120001

Description: Mirecourt, c.1900 bearing the label of J. Granjon a Paris

Body Length: 320mm (Long 1/2)

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